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Our expert grease trap pumping service is the master of all professional grease trap cleaning services. Dallas, TX restaurant and cafeteria owners today are inclined to equip their industrial kitchens with larger, heavy-duty pipes which have the ability to handle a great deal more sludge, grease and food particulates than the typical, run-of-the-mill plumbing installations. These offer a much lower energy consumption, increase the overall efficiency, and help keep you on good terms with the local health department. However, the cleanup process is a bit of a downside to this system.

The bottom line is, if your industrial kitchen is on the larger side, you will need a stronger vacuum system to have the ability to pump the quantities of sludge out of a grease trap at the maximum possible efficiency while performing this at the lowest possible price. Dallas Grease Trap Services can supply a variety of different vacuum systems in every specification and size required. On top of that, we have a fleet of committed waste collection trucks staffed with a reliable, professional group of knowledgeable employees. If you allow us to assist you, we will make sure that the generated waste products are properly being removed, and that means less expense and headaches, as well as increased profits for your food serving establishment

Do you need grease trap pumping?

There are a series of variables which will be the determining factors to ensure that a fresh and clog-free grease trap is maintained.

It is a requirement that every industrial kitchen and food serving businesses in general, maintain open and clean grease traps manually, or use anti-sludge compounds in Dallas. While you may simply be able to suffice with a standard grease trap, certain conditions may require the system to be manually pumped. Among those conditions:

● The viscosity and consistency of the oil and grease being disposed of

● The capacity of the grease trap and combined plumbing apparatus

● The volume of food servings you process each hour

● The volume of greasy fried vs non-fried dishes you prepare

What can I expect to pay to have my grease trap pumped?

There is no standard one-size-fits-all rate to have your grease trap manually pumped. There is a vast difference between most food service establishments, so while a basic cleaning process or the installation of a new grease trap may be attained at a predictable, standard rate, the actual pumping can be done at widely varying costs.

Another important factor is the location of the grease trap in relation to where the closest possible location of the vacuum truck may be. Longer distances involve a more complex setup, as well as more time, than those closer to the vacuum truck.

As you can see, the cost that we will charge for the service depends heavily on the setup time and logistics.

It’s important to maintain a periodic pumping schedule.

Unfortunately, novice proprietors of restaurants tend to place the priority of pumping out the grease trap lower than other maintenance requirements. Many problems can result with such a careless mindset. You risk being faced with an emergency that can shut you down without notice and cause you to incur the inflated cost of “after hours” pumping and cleaning rates. In addition, it is a health violation for a grease trap to become clogged, due to the potential hazard and that can also cause you to be shut down for possibly days.

All this can cost you big money. That’s why it’s so important to schedule the pumping of your grease trap, to avoid these types of needless wastes of time and money.

You really need to call us as soon as possible for the well-being and peace of mind of your business, your workers and the health of your own customers. We can be reached at 214-617-1500.

Our pumping and cleaning system is the most powerful and efficient available in Dallas!

Modern restaurants and industrial kitchens in Dallas are often equipped with oversized and heavy-duty plumbing systems to deal with the massive volumes of sludge and grease produced daily. Our grease pumping ability stands head and shoulders above any standard, generic pumping service. Our system is designed to work with the complicated modern grease trap designs to save you money and time.

At Dallas Grease Trap Services, we employ several sizes and specifications of vacuum system pumping designed to handle any size kitchen, but we specialize in the larger, industrial food service establishment operations. Our skilled team of reliable experts are equipped with all the knowledge and tools that they need and are backed up with the most modern waste disposal vehicles in the industry. By keeping your grease trap system flowing smoothly, you will insure your profits will also continue to roll in as well.



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