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There is a good and solid reason health officials require grease trap cleaning and maintenance in order to keep your license valid. However, many Dallas food service establishments are well aware that there is much more to staying within the required health code with a squeaky clean establishment than just a sanitary, pest-free and tidy kitchen. It also includes a crucial periodic cleaning of all grease traps. Continue reading to find out why this is such an important facet to the operation of any food service establishment.

But what are the requirements to schedule this task in a timely fashion? Many different variables need to be taken into consideration to answer this question. Here’s a brief rundown of the primary concerns:

● The number of patrons who are served

● The size of your food serving establishment

● Specific greases and oils you use

● The amount of food prepared

● The proportion of greasy food prepared

● The quality of the water in your area

Dallas Grease Trap Services are at the top of their field of expertise in providing affordable and efficient grease trap cleaning service that takes into account maintaining a healthy ecology as part of our pledge to you. We provide all aspects of the business, including normal scheduled cleaning and emergency after-hours grease trap pumping. We stand head and shoulders above our competition! Let us prove it to you!


The purpose of grease traps is mainly to protect the city sewer system by eliminating any greasy and/or oily waste from the establishment’s discharge. Of course, the grease traps are also important for protecting your own premises from potentially hazardous and destructive waste. After we capture the grease, oil and particulates, we then allow them to cool. We will then either properly dispose of the waste in a suitable landfill, or it can be used for other purposes such as recycled for use as alternative bio fuels.

When we clean your grease trap properly and timely, you receive these benefits:

Proper grease trap cleaning will ensure:

● The waste products created by cooking cannot contaminate the ecosystem, including the water table, natural reservoirs or the ocean

● You business license will remain out of danger of suspension or revocation and you will be free from possible forced closure for any violations of code

● Your waste discharge system will be able to flow smoothly and efficiently

● You will eliminate the potential breeding the ground in your drain for pathogens, fungus and eliminate a possible food supply for pests

● The best part is, the oil you used to cook with need not be wasted, can be effectively recycled for use as an alternative bio fuel!

We here at Dallas Grease Trap Services have been professionally cleaning and disinfecting grease traps for a very number years. Our experience is second to none. We offer prompt, efficient grease trap cleaning, minimizing downtime and assuring you will never have to face possible heavy fines, or even forced to close, due to health and safety code violations.

Our trained experts have vast knowledge and experience with the various waste disposal techniques to date, because it isn’t all just as simple as sending it to a landfill after collection. It is actually possible for us to get the waste recycled by local recycling processing centers to create alternative bio fuels or other applications, and that could result in a hefty tax credit for your business.

There are some services taking shortcuts with unproven enzymatic or even bacterial treatments, but do you want to put the health and safety of your employees and clients at risk without knowing the real consequences? All of our services involve only proven and accepted industry standard processes.

What makes our services so special?

Short answer: we are prompt and our service is a complete process, covering every facet of the task.

As an established enterprise in Dallas, we share many of the same concerns of the business world. We need to profit from our activities and to do that we need to be able to easily do our job. If we had to face possible closure, even temporary, and/or hefty penalties, that could be financially crippling, or even ruinous.

The same way that we must go the extra mile to keep our good name and reputation, we understand the fact that your business is dealing with exactly the same struggle. Our impeccable reputation was acquired by our dedication to promptly meet your needs. When you need us, we guarantee our complete, professional conduct within the scope of our business.

Our professional team and resources will assure you have no issues with the compliance of local health and safety codes, and are free from any such burden that could entail.

No matter what time frame you require our services, we will be more than happy to meet it. It’s a simple matter of completing the form below, or better yet, give us a ring! We can be reached at 214-617-1500. Hope to hear from you soon!



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